Inspired by the protective spirit of nature, KOA is the keeper of darkness. 

Nature awakens in the twilight... While humanity is still asleep. 

All souls and earth that darkness has made green arise. 

A new day, a new life begins in pitch dark. It is fed and feeds until dawn.

It tells us that the more darkness you go through, the more light you will receive.

This also means that the deeper you get into the ground, the higher you will be able to fly into the sky. 

Let KOA be the guardian and companion of all pure souls...

  • To clothe the body and soul, live at peace with nature.

    Each product made by Rawolution is a link adding to Mother Earth’s life chain, forged with the blazing fire of the revolution that believes in the sacredness of all
    life in the universe, on the anvil of Anatolian history.

  • Rawolution is the rebellion of the right to life against the new world that’s been created.

    No animal raw materials nor processes involving animal testing methods will be used in our products.

  • Rawolution promises

    Only materials from natural sources will be used; synthetic materials and processing methods will not be applied.